Life Style of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a wealth of frosty mountain peaks, sparkling glaciers, softly rustling evergreen forests, huge rocky canyons bridged by colorful rainbows, emerald mountain lakes, wild rivers, poetic sunrises, and unique plant and animal life.

Kazakhstan is the birthplace of ancient Eurasian civilizations, the motherland of nomadic people, and the Great Silk Road.

The Republic of Kazakhstan lies directly between Europe and Asia. This location predetermines its significant transport and communication potential in the field of transit and of interest to many countries around the world.


The Republic of Kazakhstan is a presidential democracy; a secular, stable and social state whose highest values are its people and their lives, rights and freedoms. 

The official language of Kazakhstan is Kazakh, a Turkic language. State organizations and local governmental bodies also use Russian. The government encourages citizens to study and speak several languages. Everybody has the right to use their native language and the right to choose their language for communication, study and work. This contributes to people of various ethnic origin and religions living and working peacefully in the country.

Kazakhstan people related with care for the  national culture and national traditions. 21-23 March Kazakhstan people celebrate a national holiday Nauruz, which symbolizing spring New Year. Kazakhstan national cuisines are mainly meat dishes: kuyrdak, kazy, karta.One of the most popular national dishes - beshbarmak. National dishes include dairy products and beverages, such as koumiss (fermented mare?s milk). National bread ? baursaks.

All heard about Kazakhstan Aport, Yurts, Horses and the Snow Leopard, which became symbolic. Kazakhstan has so many talents: singers and akyns, Kazakh music  and art are very popular in Europe and America;  beautiful places like a ?Medeu?, ?Chimbulak?, museums and parks, ancient monuments, culture and recreation parks. In the last decade there was a breakthrough in the development of sport and tourism. Kazakhstan social and political life has many events. The Government is developing new projects and invests heavily to progress in the field of science and education. Cities are transformed by the construction of new residential complexes, business centers, shopping malls and others. Mainly changed Astana and Almaty.

Not enough for the brightest colors to describe the eventful life prosperous Kazakhstan. Here we can use a proverb:?Seeing once better than hear hundred times."

Information from official sources.